Bittersweet is a fictional project in association with EMERGENCY aimed at raising funds by making customers aware of the conditions of those they are helping It is a temporary shop that sells fortune cookies containing informations about the places where the association operates. The contrast between the sweetness of the cookie and the message in the inside makes the experience bittersweet .

The furnishing device of our temporary shop is inspired by the camps of Emergency, it's a simple and practical tubular structure. There is an area where the packages of cookies are displayed on the stretchers, in another area there are four boxes each containing a type of biscuit. The third area is where you can compose your own packet of cookies with the help of the cashier and then pay.



We are students of comunication, product and interior design. Ideastore is a multidisciplinary workshop within Politecnico di Milano.

"The Idea Store is a metaphorical realm where products are becoming a system of values, expressions of how we live and imagine our lives, indicators of social and political choices and actions on the world, both activator and facilitator." Prof. Francesca Murialdo

Anna Giulia Campiotti, Simone Restifo Pilato, Alessia Stifano, Andrea Ignazio Russo, Kunhao Zhai.

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Prof. Francesca Murialdo
Politenico di Milano - School of Design

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